Becoming a Circle Leader

Circles of West Georgia is an innovative program built to encourage and support members of our community who are looking to achieve a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

As a Circle Leader you will receive help with:

  • time and money management
  • training in communication skills
  • two caring Allies to support you on your journey to self-sufficiency
  • staff to answer questions, provide mentoring and conflict resolution
  • weekly meetings at which a meal and a children’s program are provided
“The best thing about Circles is getting help
on how to improve my life without feeling
judged, feeling cared about,
and getting resources and information that I was
too overwhelmed to get on my own.”
~Jeri Shaffer

“Circles has really revamped my drive to succeed in owning my own business and helped me network with great people in this community who care wholeheartedly. I encourage anyone who is unsure of the direction of their lives to join Circles. They will give you guidance with support and grace to get where you want to be!”

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